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We are Professionals with more than 20 year experience in the field of Technology, Engineering, Law, Medicines, Linguistics, Life Sciences, and we have come to conclusion that unless the latest research articles and knowledge that is harmless to society are provided free of cost this world will not develop faster and human beings will not achieve the Millennium Development Goals of UNO, neither can it go to multiple places in the universe nor can we achieve the inclusive, healthy and sustainable growth on earth. Our aim, mission, vision and credo are creating free knowledge society on earth and thus welfare of all human beings.
We don’t publish those articles that harm human society.


Some how we got many calls that whether our IJORD is black listed? The answer is “NO”. The URL: http://www.dgt.uns.ac.rs/pannonica/papers/volume18_3_3.pdf , shows the IJORD its ISSN is different, that is not us and it was 2014 data.

We got established much after that, WE ARE DIFFERENT.

Wishing everyone happy Research.

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