Fees details


Some how we got many calls that whether our IJORD is black listed? The answer is “NO”. The URL: http://www.dgt.uns.ac.rs/pannonica/papers/volume18_3_3.pdf , shows the IJORD its ISSN is different, THAT IS NOT US and it was 2014 data.

We got established in 2015 i.e. much after that, WE ARE DIFFERENT.

Wishing everyone happy Research.


0. We’re trying to make this Journal bi-annual/ twice a year, as it takes time to develop highly original and high human impact research paper, as suggested by well wishers around the world.

1. FEES: No fees for processing one article and to keep it on-line for 24/7.

ZERO FEES for Article Publication in the IJORD Journal. 

2. STUDENTS: There is special considerations for students/ junior researchers/ original work. 

3. INQUIRIES FOR PUBLICATIONS: For Conference and other bulk cases, research papers, publications and for any other info kindly contact the CEO and Chief Editor surekha239@gmail.com 


Details for Fund Transfer/ Payment, will be in favour of Mrs. Surekha Ashish, State Bank of India (SBI), Congress Nagar, Nagpur, 440010, Maharashtra, India, Account number 67336504668, RTGS/ NEFT Code: SBIN0070602, MICR Code: 4400090003

5. CONTACT INFO: For any other information please contact the Editor/ CEO the IJORD Group.


surekha239@gmail.com ;

cell phone:


6. Please note: Discretion and Decision of Chief Editor is final.

7. On Downloads: 

a. Anybody can download the IJORD Journal and IF THEY WISH can/ may pay USD 2 or INR. 100/= (One Hundred Rupees) to the given IJORD account.

b. Books. All the books are effort of last 25 years of research for the cause of the humanity. 

c. “The Solution Master,” costs 1 USD or INR 70/= however, there are already 100 million free share/ readership for this #eFreeBook #SolutionMaster. We leave it to humanity to pay or not for this book where Question = Answer = Solution concept it used. 

d. Rest all other books are worth 8 USD each, but if they wish can pay USD 10 or INR 570, for each volume or for a book as they are almost 400 to 500 and total 2500 pages books in simple language with less complicated statistics so that even the common man can understand what the author wants to convey.

e. There are more than 1000 audio/ visual/ written evidences that Heads/ Presidents/ Prime Minsters/ Chancellors/ Prince/ Princess/ Kings/ Queens/ Ministers and Different Authorities of more than 25 states/ nations and even Organisations have spoken ditto/ verbatim words / sentences from these 2500 pages either in English or in their own local languages.   

f. We trust all and all the best to humanity.

g. In 2015  A.D./ C.E. there were 2.74 million downloads, but, we didn’t mention, “IF THEY WISH CAN/ MAY PAY IN IJORD ACCOUNT. This we are mentioning here as suggested by few well wishers from all over the globe.”

Thanks to humanity. God bless all.