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International Journal for Original Research and Development Group Publication is the concept to provide free and 24/ 7 access to all the double blind, peer reviewed articles of the latest research, and it gets added every month. We don’t believe in delta contribution, we believe in solid contribution to research and society, otherwise, humanbeings can never expand their base to multiple places in our Solar System, and Galaxy and go beyond. This is the platform to serve the society by providing original, free, fair and harmless research. We publish in all the possible areas of research, Engineering, Technology, Life Sciences, Medicines, Pharmacy, Management, Business, Leadership, Law/ Legal, Linguistics (Any Language Literature in the world), Education, Vedic Sciences, Philosophy, Spirituality, Economics, Psychology, Economics, Political Science, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science and Technology, Electronics, Medicines, Social Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Food Science, Hotel Management, Astronomy, Earth Science, Architecture, Energy, Agriculture Sciences, etc. We publish in all the possible languages in the world, provided its Authentic English Translation is available with the article, in the MS Word and PDF format both.